Digital Marketing Consultant

I have been working on Digital Marketing for 8+ years. Formerly I was a Digital Marketing Professional for well-known global brand Canon, my responsibility included managing all digital marketing strategies.

As you can see below, I have fully listed all of the sectors in which I worked, and had managed their Digital Marketing campaigns.

* Electronics / Consumer Products (Canon)
* Cruise & Travel (Epic Polar)
* Betting Systems (iddaa)
* Tourism Sector (ETS Tur)
* Online Shopping Websites in USA(All Marble Tiles)
* Health Sector – Beauty, Hair Transplantation, Aesthetics (Estecenter)
* Restaurant and Cafe (The House Cafe)
* Corporate Firms in USA (Alba Kitchen & Bath)
While I was working at AI Media Group in New York City, I managed four accounts there. They were:
* Police (NYPD - New York Police Department)
* B2C Consumer Electronic Products (Panasonic USA)
* Horse Racing and Organization Company (Churchill Downs)
* Insurance (ConnectiCare)

Besides this, I also provided consulting services for Google Ads and other internet advertising models (such as Facebook, Instagram or Programmatic) for many companies; with monthly budgets less than 20k TL. Contact me, and get a quote for Digital Marketing Consulting.