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Episode 6: Season 1 Final – Advantage of Using Verizon Media Advertising Platform and B2B Strategies on Bing

In this episode I talked about Verizon Media advertising platform, B2B strategies on Bing (targeting LinkedIn profiles via Bing), and Google image extension for search network ads.

Episode 5: 2020 New Digital Marketing Strategies

In this episode I talked about Google Ads Lead Form extensions, chatbots, how to reduce CPC for search network ads on Google, creating new remarketing audience strategies and content marketing.

Episode 4: Important Tips for Google Smart Shopping Campaigns and Are We Ready for the Black Friday?

In this episode I talked about Google Smart Shopping Campaigns. I share some important tips about optimizing the campaigns and how to use smart shopping campaigns effectively for the Black Friday.

Episode 3: What’s Happening to YouTube and Netflix in Turkey, Important Tips for the Google Ads Search & Display Network

In this episode we talked about YouTube and Netflix, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Adobe Tag Management System, Google Tag Manager.

Episode 2: New Updates in Digital Marketing and Some Tips for Google Advertising

In this episode we talked about Google AdSense, Instagram updates, Adblocker and Google Ads.

Episode 1: Advertising Models and Technologies of the Digital Marketing

This episode provided by Faruk Toprak. Episode language is Turkish. English episodes will be shared soon.