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Bonus Episode: What Does Social Media Law Mean in Turkey, and When Will Facebook’s Restrictions End?

In this episode, my guest is a lawyer Oguz Kara. We evaluated social media laws to the finest detail and we answered all the questions. What kind of changes will be made in Turkey, and most importantly will Facebook end ads restrictions? We made a great bonus episode! Don’t miss out and start listening to it!

Final Episode 13: Advantage of Using WordPress WooCommerce and eCommerce Ads Estimation Formulas

I started my first podcast in New York, and I did my last record in my apartment in İstanbul / Kadıköy. It means, it is my final episode of podcasts. I started it last year in July 2019. The reason is I’m doing this that I have multiple jobs, and I just started to run my company.

In this episode, I explained, what are the advantages of using WordPress and WooCommerce for retails companies. Plus, I shared some formulas for better estimations for online campaigns or ads.

Episode 12: Google Shopping Campaign Strategies

Google Shopping Ads are no longer available in Turkey since August 10, 2020. Many eCommerce companies are worrying about this situation. In this episode, I explained how to replace Google Shopping Ads with new campaigns and strategies. The first option is converting all standard shopping ads to smart shopping ads. As Google said, smart shopping ads will still work in Turkey. In order to use shopping ads, we need to create or convert smart shopping campaigns. The second option is, using YouTube for Action, campaign model to show all products to the relevant customers on YouTube. Third and the last one is creating new DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaigns. Further information, listen to the podcast. For digital marketing consulting, please reach out to me.

Episode 11: Most Popular Mobile App Publishers in Turkey and How to Earn Money From Mobile Apps

This is an eid al-Fitr special record. The most popular mobile app publisher in Turkey is Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. on Google Play Store. Turkcell has 32 mobile apps and 117.28m+ downloads. There are more than 17,282 apps from Turkish publishers on Google Play out of the 2,862,827 apps. There are many ways to make money for the app’s publishers. The most popular one is advertising. But if you just launched your app, I do not suggest you use it. Advertising is decreasing the user retention rate on the app.  For more ways to make money, listen to the podcast.

Episode 10: How to sell online on vendor’s websites and what are tactics to increase sales?

This episode’s special guest is Engin Güler. He is my childhood friend. We talked about vendor platforms in Turkey. How to sell on vendor’ platforms and what are the requirements to sell online on those platforms. Many people want to sell online and make some money and they think it’s easy. In fact, there are many competitors and they sell the same products or items you sell. So you need to have a different strategy and selling ideas to make money. Otherwise, it might be a disaster for you. So, we talked and explained what kind of challenge is waiting for you.

Episode 9: Digital World Will be Changed by Starlink Internet

In this episode, I talked about how Starlink’s internet will change the digital world. This internet will be the fastest internet ever. Furthermore, I talked about Google’s updates on the shopping results page. Google will start to show products without any charge, first, it will start in the USA and I believe after that it will come to Turkey.

Episode 8: How does COVID-19 affect digital advertising all over the world, and what can we do during the isolation?

The world is turning upside down at the moment because of the COVID-19. In this episode, I talked about how COVID-19 ruins digital advertising all over the world and what can we do during this period.

Episode 7: What is Big Data, How to Become a Data Analyst, What are the Differences Between Tableau and Python and so on?

We talked about data science, how to analyze the data, how to become a data analyst, who can be a data analyst, what is the difference between data engineers and data scientists, do we need to know coding for Tableau and Python and more… My guest’s name is Uğur Yiğit. He is a professional Data Analyst.

Episode 6: Season 1 Final – Advantage of Using Verizon Media Advertising Platform and B2B Strategies on Bing

In this episode I talked about Verizon Media advertising platform, B2B strategies on Bing (targeting LinkedIn profiles via Bing), and Google image extension for search network ads.

Episode 5: 2020 New Digital Marketing Strategies

In this episode I talked about Google Ads Lead Form extensions, chatbots, how to reduce CPC for search network ads on Google, creating new remarketing audience strategies and content marketing.

Episode 4: Important Tips for Google Smart Shopping Campaigns and Are We Ready for the Black Friday?

In this episode I talked about Google Smart Shopping Campaigns. I share some important tips about optimizing the campaigns and how to use smart shopping campaigns effectively for the Black Friday.

Episode 3: What’s Happening to YouTube and Netflix in Turkey, Important Tips for the Google Ads Search & Display Network

In this episode we talked about YouTube and Netflix, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Adobe Tag Management System, Google Tag Manager.

Episode 2: New Updates in Digital Marketing and Some Tips for Google Advertising

In this episode we talked about Google AdSense, Instagram updates, Adblocker and Google Ads.

Episode 1: Advertising Models and Technologies of the Digital Marketing

This episode provided by Faruk Toprak. Episode language is Turkish. English episodes will be shared soon.