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Episode 8: COVID-19 Affects The Digital Advertising All Over The World! What Can We Do During That Time?

This is a special episode related to Covid-19. I reviewed how Covid-19 affects advertising all over the world and in Turkey. I also talked about being productive during that time and for it, I shared my suggestion tools for self-improving Skillshop, Facebook Blueprint, Google Primer and HubSpot Academy.

Episode 7: What is Big Data, How to Become a Data Analyst, What are the Differences Between Tableau and Python and so on?

We talked about data science, how to analyze the data, how to become a data analyst, who can be a data analyst, what is the difference between data engineers and data scientists, do we need to know coding for Tableau and Python and more… My guest’s name is Uğur Yiğit. He is a professional Data Analyst.

Episode 6: Season 1 Final – Advantage of Using Verizon Media Advertising Platform and B2B Strategies on Bing

In this episode I talked about Verizon Media advertising platform, B2B strategies on Bing (targeting LinkedIn profiles via Bing), and Google image extension for search network ads.

Episode 5: 2020 New Digital Marketing Strategies

In this episode I talked about Google Ads Lead Form extensions, chatbots, how to reduce CPC for search network ads on Google, creating new remarketing audience strategies and content marketing.

Episode 4: Important Tips for Google Smart Shopping Campaigns and Are We Ready for the Black Friday?

In this episode I talked about Google Smart Shopping Campaigns. I share some important tips about optimizing the campaigns and how to use smart shopping campaigns effectively for the Black Friday.

Episode 3: What’s Happening to YouTube and Netflix in Turkey, Important Tips for the Google Ads Search & Display Network

In this episode we talked about YouTube and Netflix, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Adobe Tag Management System, Google Tag Manager.

Episode 2: New Updates in Digital Marketing and Some Tips for Google Advertising

In this episode we talked about Google AdSense, Instagram updates, Adblocker and Google Ads.

Episode 1: Advertising Models and Technologies of the Digital Marketing

This episode provided by Faruk Toprak. Episode language is Turkish. English episodes will be shared soon.